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Welcome to Creative Kids, Canada's coolest site for kids fun, childrens games, kids stories, kids jokes, kids activities and childrens brain-teasers. Creative Kids is a safe, secure environment for children to learn, play games, share activities, play and have fun, tell and share jokes and stories, and learn new skills. We teach kids in a creative, positive and interesting setting. Creative kids helps parents and children alike, by offering kids games, jokes, brain-teasers, activities and stories and an interactive setting which helps parents and children learn new skills, play and have fun together, teach each other, learn from stories and the writing of stories, have a good joke, tell a good joke, play a game, make up a new game, share an old game, learn new activities and share children's fun and excitment. We have some excellent brain-teasers and any kid or child will enjoy the site. Parents can also learn from the many interesting activities and educational games we have online. Educators and parents will learn new ways of entertaining children through the use of stories, brain-teasers, jokes, games and other activities which keep children occupied and thinking. Children and parents alike are saying that "Creative Kids" is the best site for kids in Canada. We've won awards and aclaim from parents, kids and teachers alike. Located in Toronto, Canada, Creative Kids is an excellent site for parents and teachers to use to educate, inform and occupy children and younsters of all ages.

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